I feel an opinion coming on! I have grown tired of hearing Christians celebrate “representative art” as the “only” godly kind! I DO truly understand that no one can outdo the Creator/Master Artist in terms of His unequalled genius, BUT I have been ruined such that I can no longer limit the view of His workmanship to the shutter-opening of the natural eye alone! The visible world wows me all the time with its visuals, BUT….I’m aware of breathtaking beauty that isn’t even registered on the physical retina!  And so I shall rant…Here it comes:

I see the majestic mountains reflected in the placid mirroring waters with trees standing like sentinels protecting the peace, BUT….I also think about the mathematical fractal-like branching patterns of the limbs and leaves of those trees and imagine the computer simulation of that math which would literally (when color was added) dance before my eyes on YouTube reminding me of the faithfulness AND GENIUS of the One who made the math as well as the scene!  (Search “fractal zoom” and marvel.)

I see the perfect flower standing in the field–the one Jesus directed us to consider–and I marvel at its Fibonacci-sequenced petals in beautiful symmetry as well as the absorption and reflection of visible light that registers on my eyes as “color”, BUT….I also marvel that every cell in its structure contains a mind-blowingly dense repository of DNA that is able to keep that color and beauty flowing to the eyes of multiple generations beyond me!  AND, I think of the little photon-capturing molecular machines in every cell of each of its leaves that are able to harness sunlight (just plain SUNLIGHT!!! What???) and turn it into FOOD in a process that LITERALLY fuels a whole planet!

In all of the visible world I can see the Wonder of the Creator, but what is to stop me from also celebrating the equally beautiful UNSEEN views that are also afforded me? If science can do it, why can’t art? Things like…bubble chambers tracking particles in beautiful patterns….”strange attractors” manifesting in complex dynamical systems…particles dancing in and out of manifestation when observed….patterns emerging in cymatics, created by sound waves alone…sonoluminescence…distortions of the fabric of space-time by mass…YOU GET ME? God is the Creator of the SEEN and the UNSEEN…(as well as the Creator of the imagination, but that’s another blog entry altogether…baby steps…)

Perhaps there is no right or wrong art…perhaps there are just live or dead HEARTS….that’s just my opinion, but I feel something of His UNSEEN passion in my rant…and my quest for ALL of His beauty!