If you have ever been criticized or misunderstood, this blog post is for you.  People’s opinions of who and how you “should be” (and which definitive manual is that coming from again?) can sting–and when they add Scripture to it, it can sting hard, especially when it seems that they don’t see that underneath your presenting psychedelic colors, there is a pure white light for holiness (the real kind) that still burns! As I thought back today over the vast collection of quizzical looks I have logged in response to my own uniqueness, some of which manifested in scary or hurtful words, I indulged in a little imagination.  I imaged myself a project on a shelf–maybe in a research and design laboratory (because that’s fun)–a big one with a bona fide famous and successful creative genius at the helm!  And the genius in charge has so many “under-geniuses” working for him and it’s a collaborative lab so people work on more than one project and follow their inspirations and daily churn out world-changing innovation (are you seeing it?)! And one day one innovator comes in and picks me (the project) up off the shelf–like maybe they have been focused on other projects for a while and they are just returning to me! Just as he starts to dive in and re-assess where we are in making something useful and world-changing of the pile of design that is “me” so far–he notices a large sticky note blocking his entry and he recognizes it can only come from the desk of the big boss in charge of it all–the head SUPER GENIUS!  And that note says, “SEE ME FIRST ON THIS ONE!”

That genius is God and the project is you!  And many are the technicians who have failed to “SEE HIM FIRST” before they tampered with your dials and settings.  Forgive them–they did not know what they were doing!  And just  KNOW (I can’t tell you how to KNOW because then I would be the one tampering with your dials and settings, but I can guarantee there is a way)–I repeat, just KNOW–that there is a God in heaven who has put a sign on you that says, “SEE ME” regarding this one!

For you, I joyously and creatively take Psalm 87:6 out of context and declare that he is saying over you, “The Lord will write in the register, ‘THIS ONE was born in Zion…!'”  You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that’s not just when you conform–that is in all your colors not just the prism collapsed into white!  See that sticky note posted on you today:  The King of the Universe saying to all His employees, “SEE ME about this one…” Your design…was HIS idea…Adjusting you won’t work until someone SEES HIM!