I have noticed that when I am stewing over a particular concern, God often speaks to me about seemingly unrelated things! He always speaks encouragement, but there seems to be a “lift mine eyes to the hills” sort of pattern when heavenly encouragement comes. It seems to point to a bigger picture than the gnawing ache in the moment. It can make you feel like the disciples in the storm marveling at Jesus’ calm: “Master, do you not care that we are perishing?” In modern day vernacular, “Lord, there’s some real angst swirling right here and I’m doing my best not to let it spill over! I’m not relating to the fruits of the Spirit discussion right now!”

Until today, I had a couple of theories about that tendency I had discovered in my loving heavenly Father. First, since I am the most “lateral” of thinkers, I assumed God was speaking lateral thinking to me as a manifestation of His extreme genius for communicating to each of us in the way He wired us! Secondly, I thought He might have been providing me a way to “zoom out” from the problem upon which I had fixated–sort of a heavenly distraction to interrupt my conundrum of micro-analysis!

While both of those considerations have merit, I today realized the central reason for God’s seeming changing of the subject! GOD DOES NOT DEFINE OUR LIVES BY OUR CURRENT SITUATION! He is functioning on a different operating system than ours–that is, our performance-oriented data intake which is constantly assembling “how am I doing” input from earth! He truly doesn’t define our crisis as an emergency in need of immediate new provision, but rather as an opportunity for divine “EMERGENCE” –that is, heaven’s generation of the already coded provision from the cross!

He is not changing the subject when He speaks Kingdom truth! He is actually adjusting the LENS through which we view the subject, because sometimes (to reverse the old warning) we actually have become so earthbound through meditating on our dysfunction that we are temporarily no HEAVENLY GOOD! (Not trying to lean back into dualism, here, but WE can’t properly mix heaven and earth without the Holy Spirit’s guidance! It is not a mental exercise or even just a “choice” to factor in heaven to our earthly messes–it is HIS intimate involvement that shows us where the realms collide and dance!)

There’s always a meta-message (or several) in God’s speaking–a message coded in the very nature of the message. Whatever God says to you about anything, He is always reminding you that you are not defined by earthly rubrics alone. Like the Lion King, even in the face of extreme setback, His very skies are pleading with you to “remember who you are!” Our circumstances try to sell us a filtered version of a lowered identity and purpose than the one God holds in His heart for us, but we don’t have to buy it!

You are made in His image, both in being and doing, in purpose and wiring, in essence and expression!  And anything that sought to pervert, invert or revert that reality was crucified and annihilated with Christ! God’s words to you are always the invitation to reboot and clear the memory! “Having ears to hear” can always happen on a deeper level. Your current experience does not define your life.  He does!